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Details can create and cultivate culture in any structure. Every element that a design has can encapsulate ideas that redefines generations of culture as it spans years of innovation.

Amidst the furious whirlwind of change, Ditalle aims to etch it’s mark in the world of architecture and design through their creative and contemporary approach to details.

Meticulously crafted and intelligently designed.

Why Us

  • Each Ditalle design is a work of art.
  • Ditalle is your gateway to timeless designs and sustainability.
  • We create. We innovate. We enhance details.


We are Ditalle.

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The Chief / Engineer

10 years of GCC experience as an Architectural and Sustainability Engineer has led to Mhyk’s vision for a trully contemporary and sustainable design firm that can guide a client every step of the way, from designs to execution… Read More

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