We are an established team of Interior Architects and Designers able to apply diverse experience in Interior design and design delivery across the corporate, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare, residential and exhibitions.

Ready to hold your hands from Conceptualization wherein your visions are discussed and translated into sketches, drawings and 3D perspective.

We provide Space Planning wherein we make sure that every area is utilized if not adapted to your vision whilst making sure that every corner serves a purpose hence providing certainty that no space is wasted–Down to Detailing where every single design attribute is considered to make sure that everything is aligned to your vision.

Design Ditalle Interiors Dubai

The Chief / Engineer

10 years of GCC experience as an Architectural and Sustainability Engineer has led to Mhyk’s vision for a trully contemporary and sustainable design firm that can guide a client every step of the way, from designs to execution… Read More

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